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Sell Marvellous Mustard

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Would you like to sell Marvellous Mustard yourself at local markets & shows?

Here at Marvellous Mustard, we’re a small team and as such, we’re not able to have a direct presence at the numerous local markets and regional shows throughout the UK so we’re giving you the opportunity to do it instead. Think of it like running your own business – except you don’t have to come up with a product, design it, package it and market it!

You simply order a mixed trade pack of 36 kits (or more if you want!) from us – choose which flavours you think will sell best for you and we’ll send you your kits … how simple could it be. Before that though, we’ll have a chat with you, we’re passionate about our products and want to be sure that you are too – we want to work in partnership with you so we need to all be singing from the same sheet!

Once you’ve received your kits, all you need to do is find out what markets and shows are happening in your local area and book your place at the ones you’d like to attend. Whenever you need more stock, all you need to do is order more and if you’re finding that one flavour is selling better than another, change it for your next order! We’ll provide you with the product knowledge and will be available to answer any questions you have until you’re up and running and beyond.

To find out more, contact us and before long you could be selling our marvellous mustards yourself!