Henry website with logo

When we meet people for the first time we are always, always complimented on the branding of Marvellous Mustard. People love the name and our logo. They seem to warm to our various characters in the mustard family, and laugh at the quirky slogans we’ve assigned to each character. So just how did we come up with the concepts? Well back in the summer of 2014 when the days were long and the nights were considerably warmer than they are now, Marvellous Mustard was just a mustard size seed in Belinda’s increasingly crazy head.

Whilst Head Chef Belinda was stuck in the kitchen trying out various mustard flavours and making up recipes Gill had the much nicer task of working on the branding. So often when people hear the word branding they just think ‘oh you mean the logo’. No – we mean the branding, we mean the walking, talking, speaking part that makes up Marvellous Mustard, not just the visual identity.

So where did Gill start? Well firstly there was a lot of research – for hours Gill poured over her laptop (albeit whilst sitting in the garden a lot of the time working on her tan and trialling the various flavours of mustard that Belinda was sending her way). Hours turned into days as Gill spent time looking at branding she liked, companies that inspired her, businesses that she favoured – interestingly not all of these were in the food sector which some people may think quite strange given we were launching a food based product. She also looked at companies and branding she didn’t like and quantified the reasons behind her thought process.

Before any visuals regarding the actual brand identity were created Gill worked on the vision and values document. This was used to determine who Marvellous Mustard are, the language we use, the product we sell, the way we walk and the way we talk. We were keen to be seen as not ‘just another food making kit’. We wanted to shake the mustard market upside down and give it a real image overall. We were keen to reinvent mustard as a funky, modern and fun product. We wanted to change people’s thought process and views, to tempt people who said that ‘they didn’t like mustard’ the push to try something new and discover the joy that goes along with actually making something yourself (it’s a lovely fuzzy feeling of immense pride for those who don’t know!). We wanted to encourage those people who said ‘they can’t cook’ or ‘I don’t have the patience’ to give it a go – making mustard is so easy and takes very little time at all!

Once Gill was satisfied the vision and values were fit for public viewing, she then worked on her ideas for the name and the actual logo itself. When it comes to logo design there is one simple rule that Gill sticks by – if it doesn’t work in black and white then it’s not going to work in colour. She wanted the branding to be simple and eye catching, with a rustic, artisan twist. Both Belinda and Gill agreed that pictures of mustard and such like weren’t really going to work. It was at that moment in a flash of inspiration that Gill came up with Henry – the face of Marvellous Mustard!

Henry, as you may know, is the head of the mustard family. He’s a man somewhat later in years than the normal eye candy, airbrushed fit young types normally associated with advertising a product. But Belinda and Gill just loved him. With his most charming of smiles and a glint in his eye he makes us smile and still makes us laugh. That’s important as that’s what we wanted our customer reaction to be.

We had 2 potential names for our new business but Miss Clever Clogs Belinda, who as well as being our Head Chef is also a bit of a girl geek quickly checked out the domain names (for our website needs) for both options, which is something Gill hadn’t really thought about. Belinda and Gill agreed the way forward, domain names were purchased and we were ready to roll. The initial concept for the branding was worked up into proper artwork via our lovely and very talented friend Moira and a few weeks later Marvellous Mustard was born.