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Cut The Mustard

So you ask yourself, how often could you actually use mustard and for what?  Remember it’s fantastic in masses of recipes as well as a condiment.

We’ve created this page because we want to engage with our customers and we’d love you to send in your comments about our Marvellous Mustards … your recipes, photos of you making your mustard and even videos if you’d like to appear on screen.

So please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you about how you cut the mustard!

Planning a drinks party? Check out this favourite dish from a good friend of Marvellous Mustard, Stephen Mackenzie who’s Operations Director at howies where we love to go.

Mix your favourite Marvellous Mustard flavour with honey & fresh thyme, roll your sausages in the mixture & pop in the oven till cooked.

This is always the first thing to disappear at a drinks gig.  Don’t forget the chipolatas need to be very good quality however!  My favourite place to buy them is the incomparable, award-winning Duncan Fraser butcher of Inverness, but I’m sure any quality butcher would be a decent alternative!