All kits straight with plantsToday we were lucky enough to be able to take some new product shots in the rather glamorous Ashley Ann showroom in Edinburgh. Ashley Ann have been designing, manufacturing and installing beautiful kitchens for over 25 years. Their base is in the north of Scotland, and it is there that craftsmen produce kitchens and fitted bedrooms of exceptional quality.

We decided it would be good fun to do a Timelapse video – what we hadn’t planned was Belinda’s iPhone falling out of the tripod with the end result being a cup of coffee being splashed all over the gorgeous kitchen worktop and that was before we had even taken any photos! With Ross and Heidi running to the rescue with cloths to mop up the spillages we were soon able to start the shoot.

Taking photographs is one of Belinda’s great passions in life – if you have ever been on a night out with Belinda you know you’re not going to manage to get through the night with at least half a dozen photographs being posted up on social media before you are even home! So with Belinda being our ‘David Bailey’ she began snapping away.

It was great to see all 6 of our kits together for the first time. We can’t quite believe that this time last year Marvellous Mustard was yet to be born! Our soon to be launched Fine & Dandy Brandy is the newest addition to the mustard family and we will have this on sale this week.

By late afternoon, with the hailstones battering against the window (yes it is nearly May, we know) Belinda was satisfied that we had all the shots needed. The next few days will be spent editing and selecting our favourite shots and adding them to our website so look out for them – we think they look fantastic.

As a token of appreciation we gave Ashley Ann’s Edinburgh owner, Ross Hardie, one of our Gorgeous Garlic kits to say thank you – we look forward to hearing how you get on Ross!

All kits angled no plants