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Yesterday we were at the Highland & Moray Food Festival held at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness which was a fantastic day all round.  It was an early kick-off and we left Edinburgh at 7am with a car full of mustard kits and for the first time, some ready-made mustards too.  Driving North from Edinburgh in glorious sunshine, it struck us how stunning Scotland is.  Isn’t it funny how you don’t always truly appreciate the beautiful things that surround you?

We arrived in Inverness (a favourite of Belinda’s since this is where her Mum is from) and were delighted to find that our stall was situated between Glenmorangie, and Great Grog from Edinburgh.  Funnily enough, our Feeling Frisky Whisky samples and ready-made jars had been made using Glenmorangie so we really needn’t have bothered to bring the very smart box that the whisky arrived in!  Having set up (in what we would have to say, was pretty record time!) the doors opened and we were delighted to welcome the lovely people of Inverness.

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Our Hug Me Honey kits and ready-made mustards quickly sold out, and our other flavours proved popular too.  We’re delighted to say that we sold a record number of kits and our ready-made jars went down a storm too.  Amongst the other most popular flavours were our Boozy Woozy Beer made with Innis & Gunn Original (a good choice given the number of Innis & Gunn fans we met!) and our newest flavour, Fine & Dandy Brandy which we made with Courvoisier, again a highly approved of choice by everyone.  There was lots of lovely feedback about all the flavours and how different they tasted to shop-bought mustards.  “Much more depth of flavour”, “a softness followed by a kick of heat” and “Wow, these taste amazing!” were just some of the comments our visitors made.

One of the highlights of the day were cookery demonstrations by none other than Jamie Scott of Rocco in St Andrews who shot to fame having been crowned winner of Masterchef 2014.  We were thrilled when Jamie visited our stall and took a jar of our newly launched Fine & Dandy Brandy mustard to use when cooking the most delicious looking scallops.  Being avid Masterchef fans, it was a real delight to hear Jamie mentioning and cooking with Marvellous Mustard which he declared very good – we couldn’t have asked for a better accolade than that!

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All in all it was a fantastic day and we loved meeting lots of new customers not to mention Jamie and many of the other exhibitors as well as the super Highland & Moray Food Festival team who gave us such a warm welcome.  Thank you to the Festival team, all of our new customers and of course to Jamie, we look forward to hearing how you use your Marvellous Mustards.  We’d also like to give a special mention to Nicky Marr whose chat on stage as compere kept us amused all day, lovely to meet you Nicky!

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