baked potato

Well they do say opposites attract, and when it comes to the Marvellous Mustard team never a truer word was spoken, especially when it comes to cooking skills that is! Head chef Belinda is an avid foodie and hosts many a great dinner party showcasing some tasty and often complex recipes.

Gill on the other hand is not a great cook, has never hosted a dinner party in her life and uses her oven as extra storage for her jeans (she does, honestly!). When Marvellous Mustard was born Belinda spent many an evening concocting and fine tuning the various flavours for the mustards. Gill played the role of ‘Chief Taster’ and quickly progressed from being rather ‘scared’ of mustard to being a fully fledged mustard convert.

So what does Gill manage to whip up in the kitchen? Over the past few weeks Gill has mastered cheese on toast (with a light base spreading of our Hug Me Honey flavour mustard), baked potato with cheese (with a generous dollop of our Gorgeous Garlic mixed through the mash prior to the cheese topping being added) and most impressively (or not) her favourite late evening snack of Boozy Woozy Beer mustard on oatcakes! Delicious she claims, but for those who would like something a bit more ‘challenging’ why not head over to our recipes page and check out some of the tasty recipes Head chef Belinda recommends.

Remember if you’ve got some great recipes to share don’t forget to email us and send a pic to We’de love to hear from you!