Hamish Whisky Final


Following on from our top-selling Boozy Woozy Beer kit in the lead up to Christmas, we’ve been busy in the MM kitchen trying out variations of our new flavours for 2015.  Who knew Boozy Woozy Beer  would be our top seller, we thought it would be Hug Me Honey but how wrong were we!  Bearing that in mind, we decided to go down the alcohol route once again with our new flavours and will soon be launching our Feeling Frisky Whisky kit.

After much deliberation over photos of handsome male models (one of the tough parts of what we do – not!), we decided on this lovely chap above who, due to whisky being such an iconic Scottish product, obviously had to have a classic Scottish name.  Having thought about many names including Hector and various others, we decided that Hamish was our favourite and think he suits it well!  We like to think this is him lying in a field in the Highlands on a warm (yes it is warm occasionally!) sunny day surrounded by the most stunning scenery … aaaahhh.

Gill worked her usual magic and came up with the name Feeling Frisky Whisky in record time and then worked on the wording for this character.  As usual, she has done a fantastic job and we love the name.

Having already sold kits to Australia and the USA before Christmas, we are hoping that our whisky kit will sell well globally and to that end, we’re working closely with Scottish Development International who have been immensely helpful to us in terms of research and support.

The beauty of our Feeling Frisky Whisky kit is that you can add whatever whisky is your favourite, the same as with beer for our Boozy Woozy Beer.  This will be the same for all of our boozy kits.  A few of you have asked why we don’t provide the vinegar and the booze to make the mustards.  The answer is simple … if we provide alcohol we run into all sorts of challenges with licensing and exporting, not to mention that most people will have their favourite drinks already and who are we to choose what we think people would prefer!  Talking of booze, we have also created Port mustard as well as Brandy which will be launching in the next few weeks too, our Head Chef has been on overdrive!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support and buying our kits during the Christmas period and are delighted to report that sales are still coming in hot and fast, long may that continue. Remember, our kits are the ideal gift for a multitude of occasions – who knows, you may even get an invite for dinner from your gift recipient!

Happy mustard making!