Meet the Mustards

In our last blog we shared with you how we came up with our overall vision and brand identity of Marvellous Mustard. This week we thought we’d share with you how we created our ever growing Mustard Family.

Right at the beginning we decided we wanted something different, and bog standard pictures of mustard in jars were not going to be part of our overall advertising strategy. Gill came up with the rather clever concept of creating a character for each flavour; someone we thought our customers could relate to. Henry was already established as head of the family, and as Head Chef Belinda finalised the various flavours, Gill was tasked with identifying the characters.

The first character to be added alongside Henry was little Oscar – the face of our Cry Baby Onion flavour. Now Gill is not known for her love of small children so a short list of rather grumpy toddlers was passed over to Belinda for her to make the final selection. Oscar’s face just paints a thousand words so he was first to be elevated into the Mustard Hall of Fame.

Next up came Gorgeous Garlic, and the rather gorgeous Gabrielle came to life – Gill does have a bit of a girl crush on Gabrielle but it’s not real! Gabrielle, as you would expect has been a huge hit with our male customers but we do love her too (albeit we are a teeny bit jealous of her rather sultry sexy look).

Our face of Hug Me Honey is of course Millie, our quirky girl with a splash of pink! We wanted our Hug Me Honey character to be fun, quirky with a little punch. Millie, we think, suits that down to the ground.

Oliver, the face of our Boozy Woozy Beer was a bit longer coming into fruition – it was indeed quite challenging to find a picture of a handsome looking man who didn’t look, well, too angry! We’re pleased with the end result and interesting enough Oliver and his Boozy Woozy Beer continues to be our best-selling flavour.

Probably our most favourite character is of course Hamish, the face of our newest flavour Feeling Frisky Whisky – whilst we were keen to have an element of ‘scottish-ness’ associated with this flavour we didn’t want it to be all haggis and bagpipes! It was quite a struggle to find a suitable face of a man who didn’t look too drunk whilst drinking whisky! After almost an entire day of hunting through our portfolios there we found him, handsome Hamish lying in the grass, looking, well just a wee bit attractive! With a subtle argyll print t-shirt we knew we had found our man! If only finding the man of our dreams was so easy in real life!

We’ve got another 2 flavours in the pipeline that we are going to launch – if you think you or someone you know would like to be the face of our next flavour why not email us a pic to Remember you don’t need to be a supermodel to be part of the Marvellous Mustard family!