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Bespoke sleeves

Bespoke sleeves

 Brand New for 2017

We are delighted to now be offering limited edition bespoke sleeves for all flavours of mustard kits as well as Major Mustard’s Marvellous Mix which are perfect for stockists looking for
customised products.

These sleeves are particularly appealing to tourist attractions such as castles, museums, galleries, historic buildings and tourist attractions as well as for corporate gifts. We have also
had considerable interest from retailers wishing to promote their retail outlet or indeed their geographical location.  As well as the customised sleeve, you are also able to choose the name
of your mustard which, as well as appearing on the sleeve, will also be used on the jar labels contained within the kits.  The world of bespoke is your oyster … or should we say your

How Does Bespoke Work?


Our first bespoke retailer was the Scotch Whisky Experience next to Edinburgh Castle, an iconic, 5 star visitor attraction, hugely popular with tourists from around the globe.  We worked with the Scotch Whisky Experience to develop a totally unique mustard making kit for them to sell both in their shop and online.  They wanted to include a miniature bottle of their own signature whisky as well as the white wine vinegar required to soak the mustard seeds.  They supplied us with the image they wanted to use on the sleeves, chose the name for the mustard – Scotch Whisky Mustard – and decided to also include their logo on the sleeves.  We worked closely with their team every step of the way resulting in a fabulous & totally unique product.

To find out about how you could have your own customised products, please contact us by clicking HERE.